Empowering women


When we frame an idea, a problem, or an opportunity, we are making a choice about our perspective. Look at a "glass as half-empty," and we start conserving and protecting. Seeing the same glass as "half-full" and opportunity and growth emerge. Our thinking shifts simply by how we choose to look at or "frame" something.

I am here to shift your thinking as much as I am to help you leave your mark. In Leave Your Mark, The Thinking, Behavior and Skills of Great Salon Leaders, I invite you to think deeply about what business you're in. Are you in the hairdressing business? The beauty business? Or, are you in the people business?

The people business has been my perspective for many years and it frames our work together with vast opportunity. Currently I'm sensing and evolution in my own thinking and I'm exploring how, while being in the people business, we are also in the business of empowering women.

Recently, I met a salon owner whose perspective is deeper and more profound than anything I've considered: Matthew Fairfax is in the business of saving women's lives.

As co-founder of the Justice and SouI Foundation, Matthew works in Cambodia and the United States to restore young survivors, rescued from among the 2 million exploited every year in the global commercial sex trade, and provides them with professional training in cosmetology. With my interest in female empowerment, and Matthew’s interest in saving lives, we are natural partners in the crusade against human trafficking.

I invite you to visit https://justiceandsoul.org/ to learn more about the Justice and Soul Foundation.

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