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Many of us walk around with the unspoken assumption that leaders are born not made. (Oh, how we wish we believed that.)

Leadership isn’t a lottery. Whatever your ability, our methodology will transform you into an effective leader. You’ll be surprised how many of your current management practices you will learn to turn upside down. Discover your true potential now.

This vs That

An indispensable guide for every leader regardless of experience level. Each chapter in the framework explains how to make better choices for yourself, your organization, and your people. It is a complete philosophy of leadership that deemphasizes power and control in favor of right thinking, right understanding, and the right people taking initiative to deliver results.


Leave Your Mark

Insights and practices for business leaders in industries including; engineering, medical, law, entertainment, retail, science, technology, education, and others. The skills necessary to make a difference do not require a title—only a shift in thinking, perspective, and behavior. Leave Your Mark is a book about leadership based on a lifetime of experience, study, and leading. It's not what you are born with that matters. It's about being willing to learn how to think in new ways. Let’s unleash possibilities already inside you and surprise the world.


“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”


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