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Be a boss or become a leader.

Listen for the difference.

Congratulations, you’re a boss. Before you get the coffee mug, let’s retool your thinking so that what got you promoted doesn’t get you fired.

Leaders work through people, because the team’s success triggers your success—not the other way around. You need to listen your way to leadership. That’s the sound of improved thinking.

This may feel new or uncomfortable, but until you own this new perspective, you’ll just be a superstar with a bunch of people making you look bad.

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The Framework

Asking and listening

Listen to them so they can hear you.



Better thinking, better communication, better decisions.


Unleashing potential

Taking initiative instead of taking orders.


Acting with accountability

Better results with radical ownership.

How We Work

The 1:1 Executive Meeting​


Successful executives know that earning the corner office is just the first step—keeping it is the name of the game. When all eyes are on you to create the future, leadership can suddenly become a lonely place. We partner with you to invent a culture that ignites collaboration, connects people to your vision, and empowers them to commit to the limit. If you appear to have it all, but still feel empty, we show you how to get business results in ways that bring meaning to those 60-hour weeks.

Leadership Development​


The leadership team is the connective tissue between customers, executives, and the people responsible for each day's work. Our framework produces a shared culture and the leadership skillset to help the entire organization learn faster, think better, and own their results.

Team Development​


Every function and department head is busy—that’s not going to change. We’ll be on-site with you to implement inside thinking for outsized performance and to ensure your teams learn why doing “this vs. that” matters.

Speaking Engagements​


Whether you’re kicking off a new product or service at your company, or about to blow away the industry with an exciting breakthrough, we create galvanizing experiences that capture everyone’s imagination and focuses their attention on the one thing that matters most to your business. Let’s announce your future together and then work to make sure every person in the organization is on board and equipped with better thinking, better choices, and better leaders.


We create leaders for outsized performance.

Trigger the transformation.

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