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With a reputation for exceptionally satisfied clients, Jay helps leaders from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies achieve desired outcomes through his leadership philosophy and methodology. He has significant experience in executive development, sales, process analysis and transformation, client services, and change management.

Jay also has proven expertise in creating alignment among leaders and executives to ensure clarity of values, company culture, strategic priorities, and key business metrics. A student of human behavior and leadership, his track record, consulting, and writing offer a lifetime of insight.

Jay is the author of: This Vs That: Better Thinking, Better Choices, Better Leader and Leave Your Mark: The Thinking, Skills and Behaviors of Influencers. A frequent speaker at industry events, his warm, humorous and sometimes irreverent style engages audiences to shift their thinking. He helps them examine their point of view, eliminate their preconceptions, and start searching for truth instead.

Jay has lived in your world—entry level to executive suite—which helps him communicate from your perspective.


"My challenge to you is to embrace a new, different, and deeper way of thinking."

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